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Empowerment of Street and Working Children In India

In India, 250 million children work to support their families’ meager incomes.  Magnitude of child employment in Chittoor area is such an alarming.  Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh located in the borders of Tamil Nadu is highly drought-prone area and thus the entire rural population suffering from the vagaries of nature and pangs of poverty are left with no better alternatives.  Child labor and street children are predominantly presents in Chittoor. There are vast number of children working in workshops, incense stick making industries, match work industries, cigar making industries, several hotels, restaurants and automobile shops.  In this town, there are rag pickers looking for a waste paper, broken plastics or anything that has got a re-sale value.  These children are belonged to the category of low socio-economic status and the age group of 6 to 14 years.  They have either not gone to school or dropped-out just to earn and help the family.  These child laborers are from scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, other minorities and urban poor.

We are committed to seeking, securing and promoting social justice for child laborers and street children.  We work to meet the immediate needs of these child laborers and street children to give them a chance to reach their potential. We also work toward a future in which no to child labor and no child needs to call the streets home. We serve this mission in the following way:

To ensure that child laborers and street children can get education HEARDS started rehabilitation centers for these children.  HEARDS is a pioneer organisation in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh for the rights of the child and against child labor exploitation. HEARDS is an advocate organisation for the child's rights with focus on children living and working under the most difficult circumstances. HEARDS main areas of concern are child labor, street children, child marriage, bonded labor, trafficking of children, children in conflict with laws and commercial-sexual exploitation of children.  As a concerned organisation to the children at risk, HEARDS has been also undertaking a number of socialization, support and rehabilitation program through its various programs. HEARDS has been running child labor rehabilitation centers since 2002 and we were able to successfully mainstream 374 children into the regular Government schools.

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