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(An Organisation for Education, Development and Social Action)

Improving Lives of Disabled Youth

“Working for disability inclusive development”.


45 disabled youth were exposed to training techniques by HEARDS mainly designed to develop their skills and performance in Tailoring, Hand Embroidery & Sari painting and computer training. Training topics set out to meet their training needs and to overcome their difficulties. The training was comprehensive and included all necessary topics in the mentioned subjects.  After sewing training, women became able to sew clothes for themselves and their families. Others managed to sew clothes for their community, as illustrated by the example of some girls that went on to design and sew school uniforms etc.  


  1. Targeted disabled youth have developed skills in tailoring, hand embroidery, sari painting and computer training standards to satisfy market demands, as well as managerial and technical capacities to run a business.
  2. Targeted youth have been provided with community-based training which cover all fields of production and marketing, are able to effectively manage their businesses;
  3. Employment and self employment businesses has established and generate a basic income for the families of the beneficiaries.