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(An Organisation for Education, Development and Social Action)

Women - Income Generation Program

This program assists women to upgrade and market their skills in Sewing, Embroidery, Sari Painting, Sisal fiber products making, so that they can increase their income and enhance their quality of life.


Women in the slum/village have few opportunities for earning an income. Traditionally they stay within the confines of their homes and look after their family, whereas the male members go out to work. However, there are a fair number of women who are deserted or widowed. There are also several women who need to supplement the household income because one earning member is not enough to sustain the family. Often the woman is the head of the household and forced to earn an income because the male members of the family are unemployed. Since going out of the slum/village is a social taboo for many women or difficult due to domestic responsibilities and the burden of childcare, many women prefer home-based work.


This program enables women to combine their domestic responsibilities with income generation. It promotes livelihoods and entrepreneurial initiatives in the slum/village. By wonderful products produced by our community, you will be directly increasing their financial health and enabling their aspirations.


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