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Rainwater Harvesting, Storage & Utilization Project


This project is conducted in 2 remote primary schools in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India. These target villages are one of the worst drought-prone areas of Chittoor District and is repeatedly affected by severe famine due to continuous failure of monsoon.  According to the official records of the ground water department water level in the target villages has come down from 7.60 meters to 14 meters now.  Rainfall came down from 1128 mm to 611 mm in the last few years, while the exploitation of the ground water resources had gone up upsetting the delicate balance.  Water is life but unfortunately these target villagers and school children still do not have this basic need.  The pilot project is intended to solve water shortages in 2 remote primary schools to reduce the burden of fetching water faced by school-going children during classes through rain water harvesting and storage in two villages of Chittoor District.  About 1,200 Primary school children from the 2 primary schools will be the primary beneficiaries. All of these children are aged about 5- 12 years (boys and girls).


  1. A percentage reduction in water shortages in the target area(s) and therefore more time for learning.
  2. An improvement in the enrollment and completion rates of the both the vulnerable boy and girl child in primary school.
  3. An improvement in the hygiene, sanitation and essential learning as well as life skills of the pupils in the target area.