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(An Organisation for Education, Development and Social Action)

Community-based Safe Drinking Water Program



Water being one of the basic essential needs for cultivation of crops, this drip irrigation programme aims at supplying adequate supply of water to the poor villagers of Chittoor District, which will in turn promote the good living conditions of the people. Due to this we hope they can realize a viable future living on their native land, and preventing an exodus to seek jobs in larger cities, abandoning their land to environmental destruction or selling it to outsiders seeking profit at cost of the suffering of these farmers' families.

Keeping the above basic vision in mind, this drip irrigation programme is formulated towards the appropriate and “felt-need based” fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • Enhance the fertility of soil and avoid soil erosion.
  • Improve the employment opportunities in agricultural sectors.
  • Protect the poor farmers from bondedness by the elites and money lenders.
  • Help the farmers to acquaint with the new knowledge and trend in the sectors.
  • Enhance the standard of living of the poor agricultural farmers.
  • Improve the source of income from agricultural by adopting this new technique.
  • Help the farmers to improve the cultivation and cultivable land and make them to become self-reliant.
  • Bringing fallow lands under cultivation will result in an increase in overall food production.
  • Reliance on market mechanisms for household food security will be reduced, since farmers will be able to cultivate food crops for their own consumption.
  • Use of sustainable practices will result in improvement in the productivity of fallow lands and regeneration of natural resources.
  • Using the knowledge and skills they already have while also learning new ways of farming and experimenting with new technologies will enable women to gain recognition as farmers in their own right.

Thus, with the above highly developmental oriented objectives this programme will focus on increasing the productivity of dry lands through a package of practices for soil conservation, water harvesting and management and crop optimisation, the program would be a real boon to these poor farmers, thereby encouraging and promoting their standards of life.