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(An Organisation for Education, Development and Social Action)

Tution Centre for Government School going Children


Recognizing the need and necessity to start tuition center for the Government school going children we have initiated our tuition center in Chittoor.  In our tuition centre, 90 poor children from areas like C.B.Road, Chamanthipuram, Showkarpet and Vinayakapuram slums are coming daily and learning their languages and subjects apart from playing some indoor games.  We are also providing some nutritious snacks and juice for children as they come from school with tiredness.  The tuition will be conducted from Monday to Friday they come from 5 to 7.30 p.m. Here the kids come after school hours to learn. We have three teachers to teach the children with their languages like Telugu, Hindi and English and subjects like Mathematics, Science and Social.

All the 90 children who are coming to our Tuition Centre Programme were coming from the poorest of the poor families.  Regarding their education status they are very poor in English also other subjects, because most of them go to the Government school, the Government school system is not very strict and it is hard for the teachers to focus each and every child. So the best ones doing best and the poor ones stay poor for many years. And the parents are not educated, so they can’t help the children at home, so we have opened our Food and Education program to encourage the children to study and we give them some joyful time.